• Working like a clock

    Corela clinic team consists of highly-qualified doctors specializing in different fields of medicine. United work of the team allows us not only to find optimal solutions to your healthcare issues, but also to create unmatched atmosphere of confidence and care.

  • Swiss quality

    For every one of us ‘Swiss’ is the synonym for exceptional quality: high-precision watches, wonderful chocolate, fail-safe banks. No one would argue that Swiss medicine for years sets the pace for global healthcare in terms of servicing, quality management and efficiency.

  • All-round care

    Try out what Swiss service really means. We provide our clients with all the help they need: visa support, land arrangement, transfer and, undoubtedly, top quality medical services.

  • Keeping up with the times

    Healthcare is one of the most dynamically developing fields of knowledge. However the advancements of contemporary medicine do not reach all of us quickly enough. Doctors in one country do not always have access to the technologies, equipment and medication that doctors in other countries use. The quality of Swiss healthcare is beyond any doubt and the doors of Corela clinic are always open for you.

  • Diagnostics and treatment

    More than 25 professional doctors that form Corela team (surgeons, therapists, neurologists, oncologists, etc.) will be happy to help you diagnose and treat your health issues. Corela clinic offers you wide opportunities to undergo medical check-ups, get accurate diagnosis and treatment at matchless level of quality typical to Swiss healthcare.

  • Our doctors

    At Corela clinic you will be able to get an appointment with one of our outstanding doctors, do different tests, and undergo complex check-ups and treatment. Corela team consists of highly-qualified specialists in cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, oncology, plastic surgery, etc.


To help you to make the right decision within the complex and multi-component medical context, we provide comprehensive and convincing reports with thorough professional information regarding your particular case.


Shoulder Arthrosis

Shoulder arthrosis is a complex of mechanical disruptions involving degradation of shoulder joint tissues including cartilage damage and consecutive humeral head and cavity deformation.

Shoulder Arthrosis


Your shoulder's freedom of movement at 360° in 3D is provided by a composite joint that requires a rigorous diagnostic and careful therapeutic approach.



Back pain should never be the reason for lower quality of life or complicated neurosurgical approach. It is important to preserve your backbone’s natural health and flexibility.



We all need to take good care of our bodies to look good and stay attractive. But let’s be wise and listen to the expert opinion first to guide us in this emotional choice.



Oncology is the multi-disciplinary medical specialty to the highest degree. All the possible chances need to be put by patient’s side in case of cancer or its suspicion, and that is when a good team of experts is half the battle.


Swiss healthcare: the standard of quality

Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to Switzerland to entrust care about their health to outstanding professionals and experience what top level healthcare means.

What is there at the core of such reputation and why do people often call Switzerland world leader in quality of healthcare services? A whole bunch of facts and weighty arguments testifies the quality of Swiss healthcare.

Learn more about Swiss healthcare

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Featured doctor

Dr. Bertrand  Mercadier

Dr. Bertrand Mercadier


Being a keen surgeon Dr. Mercadier enjoys learning new trends and approaches from colleagues all over the world. With this idea in mind he has spent part of his brilliant career in a prominent clinic of esthetic surgery in Brazil, where he gathered invaluable experience and leveraged from Brazil advancements in his area. Currently Bertrand provides top quality surgery services to international clients in a private clinic in Montreux. In addition to that he continues studying general and hand surgery and is very active in the field of medical expertise. If you happen to meet Dr. Mercadier you’ll definitely get charmed by this very enthusiastic ...

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